A Deus Ex backstory mod

Apocalypse Inside

When The World Is On Your Shoulders Is It Worth Saving?
"In the beginning [Warren] envisioned the game as X-Files but he somehow ended up with James Bond"

Apocalypse Inside is born from the back-story of the Deus Ex saga. It revives the content of Deus Ex that didn't make it into the game, including story elements, levels, textures and characters.

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Deus Ex: Apocalypse Inside mod

Artem "Tantalus" D - Project director, Lead Writer, Lead Level Designer, Texture Designer, Programmer, Soundtrack
Dmitriy "CorpArmstrong" Fedykovych - Senior Programmer, Writer, Assistant Level Designer, Soundtrack
Evgeniy "JJoe" Bortnik - Programmer, 3D Modeller, Assistant Level Designer
Andrievskaya Veronika - Additional level design, consultant.
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  • The story is written, but about a half of the dialogues is left to do

  • Some single maps are mostly playable

  • We wrote most of the new functionality, the code can be reused throughout the game

  • New music mostly, original game tracks here and there


What makes Apocalypse Inside unique

UI inspired by early Deus Ex Concepts

Used according to the license of DX: Nihilum mod

Resurrected Story elements

Using Ion Storm’s game design docs

Go to Smaller, More Detailed Maps

Smaller, More Detailed Maps

A 2020-ies approach to game level design

New skills

A spy is not a spy without foreign language or piloting skills

Tomes of new code

Gameplay improvements, special effects, custom objects, realism improvements

New cyberpunk soundtrack

Mellow ambient tracks, heavy combat riffs

Go to Character selection

Character selection

Tantalus, unlike JC, has 5 unique identities that the player chooses at the start menu.

Inspired by all Deus Ex games

Apocalypse Inside features areas with golden light, Prague references and reveals what Ophelia from Invisible ware really is.


Harvey Smith: To me, the answer is "fewer characters equals deeper characters." We just tried to do too much. I'd rather have made the game 75% in length, but deeper.

New Characters


The protagonist
My name is Tantalus Denton. It’s been my codename for so long I don’t even remember my real name. My story is one that many, in distrust, would call a creation of a paranoid mind; others will find it an entertaining script, and yet others will see answers.


The damsel in distress
Females Fight for Equal Representation in Gaming: GameSpy: Anna, Nicollette Duclare, and Maggie Chow (and Sandra, to a smaller degree) are the only female characters of any importance to the story arc. It has been commented that Deus Ex lacked “equal representation.” What would you have done differently to remedy that problem? Harvey: Well, for one, I wish we’d had female team members. That would have helped. The team just grew up organically (and rapidly) out of connections with friends and from inheriting an art staff from Ion Storm’s Dallas office. We didn’t start out thinking about diversity in that way, which I regret. One of our goals this time is a “more interesting, diverse” cast of characters. I believe that a more diverse company has the potential to create a more diverse (and interesting) game.

Corporal armstrong

The soldier
UNATCO Special Operations Group, company B, Fifth platoon, Alpha squad. Loyal, but not naive. A true soldier in heart, action and language.

Dr. Johnson

An aged Gordon Freeman
An outstanding polymath, Dr. Joe Johnson holds 15 Masters degrees and 5 Doctorate.

Dr Mephistopheles

The freemason
Born and raised on the space station, Dr ‘Mephistopheles’ Munroe is the most eccentric of Ophelia’s staff.

Captain Valiante

The captain
Travel the world and seven seas
A native of Brazil, Henrique Valiante is a powerful man, though he never leaves his vessel. If Ophelia was a religion, Captain Valiante would be her high priest.

Canonical characters


The two-faced hacker
The mysterious hacker first appeared in The Missing Link. The only two people who discover the true identity of Janus are Juan Lebedev and Tantalus

Bob Page

The billionaire nerd
Not any less evil than JC Dentons original antagonist, Page appears more as described by Stanton Down and the original game design document

Anna Navarre

The Assassin
In Apocalypse Inside Anna Navarre looks closer to the Beta Anna – the only beta version character that created a fan ‘cult’ around it.

Paul Denton

The Agent
Pauls story in Apocalypse Inside follows his infamous Hong Kong assignment.


Cancelled Deus Ex titles come back to life

Codename Nebula Beta test coming soon

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