August 24, 2017


Dev Team

Artem “Tantalus” D

Project director, Lead Writer, Lead Level Designer, Texture Designer,  Programmer, Soundtrack

Dmitriy “CorpArmstrong” Fedykovych

Senior Programmer, Writer, Assistant Level Designer, Soundtrack

Evgeniy “JJoe” Bortnik

Programmer, 3D Modeller, Assistant Level Designer

Andrievskaya Veronika

Additional level design, consultant.

Voice Actors

Artem “Tantalus” D

Tantalus, Uber Alles

Dustin “Crimsan” Ludwig

Howard Strong

Giuseppse Mandamus


David Dunbar

Dr. Johnson

Jonathon Dunbar

Captain Valiante

Zach Mills

Dr. Mephistopheles

Dmitriy Fedykovych

Corporal Armstrong

Mike Wong

Additional thanks:


Dustin “Crimsan” Ludwig for additional LA custom textures

STALKERProject files by Lurker

12/2015 Sci-fi textures by Milosh-Andrich milosh


Earth textures by Solar System Scope / NASA



FastGamerr for Nihulum

Prototype458 for PFAD mod

Precipitation mod

 Deadalus08 for New vehicles mod

New Vision team (David Watts, David Guttridge, Thijs Hagens, Heldder Pinto) for New Vision

HDTP team

Marijn Kentie for Kenie’s launcher

Chris Dohnal for Direct3D9 renderer

Boris Vorontsov for ENB series


The Spark by Solar Smoke

Mysterious_SciFi_Music_THE_LAST_FRONTIER by Luke West

Win XP is shit by CorpArmstrong

Original Apocalypse Inside soundtrack composed by Project X-3

In memory of Chester Bennington (1976-2017)

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