April 7, 2020

Letter from the Director

Citizens of the World,

Welcome to the UNATCO Web Site. We hope that you will find it an informative resource for all your questions about the UN Anti-Terrorist Coalition.

At UNATCO, our goal is to monitor, contain, and eventually prevent the spread of global super-terrorism. We do this through the application of ultra-modern scientific breakthroughs as well as a few tried-and-true methods.

The new science of chaos theory has been applied to social sciences to suggest that social unrest is an integral part of the mechanism that a society uses to govern itself. We understand and support that idea. Part of what we do, as a matter of fact, is apply the branch of chaos theory known as “Catastrophe Theory” (developed by French mathematician René Thom) to study the patterns of unrest globally, and try to predict which uprisings will boil over into a global situation or attract the attention of terrorist mercenaries who may try to escalate a situation to further their own ends.

UNATCO has no interest in interfering with any country’s right to govern its citizens, or to deal with social unrest in any reasonable, civilized manner. UNATCO’s mission is to predict which uprisings have the potential to spill over, to find those groups whose message might be served by violence against world citizens, to prevent societal corrections from becoming worldwide tragedies, and to minimize the need for UN Peacekeeping troops to interfere with a sovereign nation’s right to govern its citizens.

We provide this online resource in an effort to communicate and educate the general public about our goals, and look forward to your questions and feedback.


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