April 7, 2020

Opportunities with UNATCO





UNATCO Research TechnicianOur Administration branch is always looking for intelligent, motivated, discreet personnel to handle the operating tasks of this organisation.  We have open positions ranging from office/clerical, to courier, to public information officers.  Regardless of job description, we require each applicant to have a college degree and existing high-security clearance with either the military or civil government of one of our Member Nations.  Applicants will undergo a rigorous security background check, a fitness exam, a psychological evaluation, and a DNA and retinal typing.  We abide by the Equal Opportunity Employer guidelines, so we are always happy to accept any application at any time.  However, we encourage interested parties to wait until they are approached by UNATCO with a job offer.  This minimizes the number of applicants that we have to reject.  Once an applicant is rejected, that applicant will never be allowed to hold any position with UNATCO, ever.  Likewise, if UNATCO makes an offer to a candidate and the candidate rejects it, there will never be a second offer.  If you’re really the kind of person we’re looking for, we’ve probably already got our eye on you.  We hope you’re ready when we call.  If you feel like you’ve been overlooked and could really be of service to us, please email personnel@unatco.com and we’ll send an application and DNA submission kit to you.

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Unatco Security Officer

UNATCO’s Security team members are exclusively selected from the members of the UN Peacekeeping forces who have graduated from the UNATCO Anti-terrorist Academy with excellent marks and letters of recommendation from a member of the United Nations Security council, and from the President, Prime Minister, Sovereign, or other supreme Executive from that soldier’s nation of origin.  Once a graduate has been selected to join UNATCO Security, he undergoes an extensive battery of tests, extremely rigorous training, and an additional background check. No more than 20% of any graduating class will be selected to continue through the testing phase.  Less than half of those candidates will pass the secondary testing process, and often, 100% of the remaining candidates are eliminated by unsatisfactory background information or psychological evaluations.   UNATCO Security Officers must be the strongest, smartest, quickest soldiers that any country has to offer.

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Our Intelligence division draws from a broader scope of candidates, but has much higher standards for final selection.  Each person who receives an invitation to attend the UNATCO Academy is a potential candidate for UNATCO Intelligence Division. After graduation, the top 5% of a given class will have the opportunity to enter the selection process for UI.  The testing is extensive and demanding.  Candidates undergo simulated terrorist conditions from kidnapping to torture to full-scale street war.   There is no guarantee that any of these candidates will pass this preliminary round of testing. Often several Academy classes in a row will pass without a single graduate surviving this body of tests.  Fewer than one-tenth of 1% of candidates actually become UNATCO Intelligence Agents.  We demand the best from the best.  Nothing else will suffice.

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