April 7, 2020

Public Notices for UNATCO WEB and other UNATCO Internet resources.






The Director of North American Operations of the UN Anti-Terrorist Coalition, hereafter referred to as UNATCO, as part of its agreement with F.E.M.A. and in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, has agreed to provide this web site and all the documentation contained herein as a matter of public service to the citizens of the United States. Where possible, access to this site from outside the borders of the United States of America, Puerto Rico, and Guam, is restricted.

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Notice of Privacy

When a user accesses the resource of the UNATCO US Operations Web Site, [hereafter referred to as UNATCO WEB] he does so with reasonable anonymity. If he stays within the confines of the material expressly provided to the public, the information that we gather about that user will be used for statistical analysis only. The information that we initially track does not personally identify the user. This activity of gathering information is wholly different from the practice of MONITORING which is described in the Secure Access notice. The information collected is used for two purposes: improved management of this resource, and documentation for prosecution.

The UNATCO WEB site automatically collects a certain amount of information commonly available in the data packet referred to as an IP Header. This information is used to generate usage statistics so that we may optimize this site for improved access in the future by identifying performance concerns or assessing information most commonly accessed by users. The typical information gathered from each instance of user access is as follows:

    • Internet domain and IP address from which the site is accessed.
    • Browser type and version
    • Operating system license
    • Date and time of access, relative to time zone
    • Pages visited and amount of time spent on each page
    • The address of any referring web site
    • The address and search parameters of any access referred by a search engine
    • Where possible, identifying characteristics of and end user’s processor, such as serial number

If an end user chooses to identify himself through e-mail or other electronic communication, that data is collected as well, and when necessary, cross-referenced with any other information we may have collected on that user. By accessing this site, and or by sending e-mail to the UNATCO domain, a user voluntarily agrees to have any collected information cross-referenced with any and all law-enforcement databases of UN Member Nations.

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Notice of Secure Access

In the event that an end user attempts to access information from this site for which he is not authorized, all collected information may be used as evidence in the prosecution of such an act. Any attempt to access, deny service, alter, or in any fashion disrupt the purpose of this site may be punishable under U.S. and International Law. When such an act is detected by UNATCO WEB or its agents the user forfeits any right to anonymity. Any and all information sufficient to warrant an arrest will be collected by any and all means available to UNATCO. Such evidence will be provided to the appropriate law enforcement agency, at UNATCO’s discretion, and prosecution provided to the fullest extent of the law.

Links to and from this Web Site

Users may link to this site or any of its content freely provided that such a link is described as a UNATCO Resource, and that any link labeled or described as such, in fact link to a publicly available UNATCO web resource.

UNATCO WEB provides links to other sites, including other government agencies, and in a few cases, private organisations, with their permission. Once a user accesses a link to another site, he is bound by the usage policies and disclaimers of the new site. UNATCO takes no responsibility for the content the linked sites. By accessing a link from the UNATCO site, the user specifically acknowledges that neither UNATCO, nor its contributors, is liable for any misleading, defamatory, offensive, illicit, or illegal conduct or content of other users, sites, or third parties and that the risk of injury from the aforementioned is wholly assumed by the user.

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Liability Disclaimer

UNATCO will make every effort to provide information that is fictional, accurate, and complete. UNATCO, however, makes no official claims or promises to the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, or timeliness of the contents of this Web site. With respect to the UNATCO WEB site, neither the United States Government, nor the United Nations, nor UNATCO, nor any employee, contractor or party thereof, make any warranty, expressed, implied, or statutory, including but not limited to warranties of noninfirngement of third party rights, title, and the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to content available from UNATCO, the United Nations, or the United States Government internet resources, or other Internet resources linked to or from it. Additionally, neither UNATCO, the United Nations, nor the United States Government assumes any legal or civil liability for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or truthfulness, of any information, product, or process disclosed herein nor freedom from computer virus, and do not represent that use of such information, product, or process would not infringe upon privately held rights. Despite claims to the contrary made elsewhere in this web site, or any such claim in the general media, UNATCO is a totally fictional organisation with no ties to the United Nations, the United States Government, any law enforcement agency, or any other legal body. This web site is a fictional parody of other government web sites, but in fact represents a non-existent organisation, and exists solely for the amusement of its creators and users.

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